Adventure On a Dare ”The  Feature Film”  currently has a first draft of a Screen Play by Zeke Zelker. The Movie Script is being finalized and we are seeking investors to jump aboard the project. If you would like more information about the movie Adventure On A Dare, please contact us.

About our screen writer, Zeke Zelker

Zeke Zelker, a critically acclaimed, award winning filmmaker/entrepreneur/educator with a number of projects to his credit; the wildly successful and controversial feature film InSearchOf (the 7th most viewed drama on Hulu all time), the 2005 Sundance Film Festival favorite Loggerheads, AffairsFadingA.K.A.-It’s A Wiley World!, Getting Off, Southern Belles, Just Like the Son and a documentary on the Dalai LamaA University Prepares. Zeke’s first exposure to the film industry was in 1987 when he acted in John Waters’ groundbreaking film Hairspray.

tan1mbZeke has an extraordinary talent for getting his films seen and creating revenue streams for his projects. Most recently he has been experimenting with transmedia and producing a project like no other, Billboard. Billboard will transcend the normal movie going experience by creating entertainment that can be consumed on a myriad of portals in a number of ways segueing into social media, live events and games, while offering companies a plethora of branding opportunities all of which will benefit the homeless and the hungry.

Zeke helped introduce transmedia at the Sundance Film Festival in ’11 by producing Pandemic, a blending of screenings, live events, social gaming, data visualization, and mobile apps. This may change the way people perceive entertainment from a passive experience to an immersive and interactive one. Zeke created Lehigh Valley Arts Wars, teaches courses in transmedia at Lehigh University and recently produced David Cronenber’s Body Mind Change.

The son of a preacher woman, Zeke broke into the entertainment business as a clown, peddling balloons at an amusement park that his great grand father founded. He learned many lessons at that park, most importantly integrating amusements and entertainment with profit centers.

Zeke is happily married to his photographer wife, Elaine and has three daughters. When not creating; he’s experimenting in the kitchen, coaching or playing soccer, or dragging home some new treasure to repurpose.